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Teaser draft:

The film documents the beginnings of the crypto revolution taking place in the world, and discusses the disruptive transformative impacts that Bitcoin, web 3.0, decentralized autonomous organizations, NFT’s and other blockchain innovations will bring to humanity as a whole and the possible global financial, societal, cultural and political ramifications that this technology can create; featuring interviews with Bitcoin and blockchain technology pioneers, world renowned experts, influencers, celebrities and critics.

Bitcoin Millionaires will feature the stories of the top 35 Bitcoin influencers, experts, innovators and crypto pioneers in the world, as they share their stories of success and struggle as well as share their insights for the future of Bitcoin the crypto space. 

Featuring the biggest influencers in the crypto space


Our mission:

We want to do our part in helping to promote the Bitcoin and the crypto space and to educate the general population about the potential disruptive benefits that this technology will bring to the world, by creating a film that is appealing to a wide global audience. And also, to entertain, empower, educate and inspire the viewer with the stories and information featured in the movie. 

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Help support our film:

You can support us by telling your friends and colleagues about our film on social media and by tagging us #Bitcoinmillionairesfilm.  And, of course you can donate cryptocurrency to the team. These are our official wallets. Beware of imposters and always double check before you make any transfer. Thank you for your support!



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Investment and sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsorship, product placement or investment opportunities please send us a message below or email:

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Our projected global film distribution plan:


Digital platforms


TV channels


Projected Viewers





Global distribution to over 60 countries, dozens of digital platforms, and available in multiple languages!

Please contact us for more information or to request our project stack and summary .PDF with more detailed description about this film as well as investment and sponsorship opportunities.

Lead team:

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Michal Siewierski

Michal Siewierski is an Emmy Award nominated TV producer, and documentary filmmaker, with a passion for creating positive change in the world through his work. After spending 20 years as a TV commercial director and producer in the advertising world, Michal decided to dedicate his life to creating films that can benefit humanity and raise awareness about important issues. His former films include Food Choices, Diet fiction and Takeout that have been screened in dozens of countries and translated to over 20 languages.

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Ruben Figueres

Entrepreneur, media expert, best selling author and accomplished Ironman athlete. Ruben Figueres brings over two decades of media, business and advertising experience to the table, with his work ranging from fortune five hundred companies to presidential campaigns. Having executive produced hundreds of TV commercials, TV shows and infomercials. 

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Brian Estes
Executive Producer

As managing partner and chief investment officer of Orlando’s Off the Chain Capital, Brian Estes oversees blockchain investments for over 200 partners. He manages about half a billion dollars focused specifically on blockchain investment opportunities. Focusing on S-curve adoption rates.

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